Beat, why do you bully Billy so much? You're probably a coward or something.

Beat: Look, I don’t mess with him anymore, ‘ight?

So Nights, what is it like getting some recognition after a while, even if it is just DLC... in a Sonic game?

Nights: It’s always nice to be back in the spotlight again. Even if it’s DLC it’s always a fun adventure!  I hope we get to have more in the future!~

Sega names a planet after a ram(aries) and they don't make those that live there look the part? What were they thinking?

Alex:  Well… I’m not sure why planet Aries is called “Aries" but I don’t see how it would make sense for everyone to look like sheep people. The people from the planet Paper Rock don’t look like rocks and paper and people from planet Earth don’t look like piles of dirt.

Alex: Although…I suppose there are WORSE fan-fics out there…  ͡◑ _ʖ ͡◑’

Alex: Although…I suppose there are WORSE fan-fics out there… ͡◑ _ʖ ͡◑’

How was that chilli dog, Sonic?


Sonic, do you think your fans are overreacting about the blue arms?

Sonic: Pretty much. They went through the same thing when I got green eyes. I’m not worried though. It’ll pass.~

Whatever happened to Isabelle the chicken? I'm asking because, to me, she might allow Billy and Beat to be friends. Think about it: one of them likes chickens, and now, the other one owns a chicken. At the very least, she gives them something to talk about.

This little fatty over here ATE HER!…Didn’t even chew. Just swallowed her whole.

Sonic, the world's hottest chilli is on your chilli dog! I don't recommend eating it. It WILL burn your throat!