[Story arc 2]

[Story arc 2]


OOC: Okay, I think I’m done with snippets for now. Thanks to all the participants! If I didn’t do yours I’m sorry but I couldn’t think of anything to do for them that I thought was fitting.


Ulala’s microphone is property of Space Channel 5 but she painted it blue without permission anyway. Director Fuse has told her to stop repainting the equipment several times but she never listens.


Beat found a wig in his car once… just there, laying on the seat. He had no idea how it got there or who it belonged to. He threw it out but he was a little weirded out for the rest of the day, to be honest.


Ryo considered trying out for other sports in school for a little while but he decided that the martial arts his father taught at the Dojo were plenty. Although, he’d still play basketball with his friends at school.

coconut :P

Sonic likes the taste of coconut milk. He’ll crack one open and sip on it as he relaxes under a palm tree on what ever tropical beach he happens to find some.

Mario's hat :P

Sonic like to mess with Mario from time to time when ever they meet for their crossover events. Sometimes he’ll just hide Mario’s hat in random places just to frustrate the plumber into hunting for it.

French fries

Billy will eat all of the french fries. He’ll eat his french fries, your french fries and even someone else’s french fries if no ones looking. The boy loves french fries.